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In 2010, due to a lack of Omanis in the field of environment within the country, it was agreed that a central part of ESO’s mandate would be to hire and train Omani graduates in conservation strategies, community engagement and NGO management, giving them an opportunity to pursue a career with ESO or take on environmental roles in the public or private sector.

The ESO Conservation Training Program works at 2 levels. The first year provides new graduates with grounding in the core areas of ESO’s operations by completing a series of 4 month rotation cycles across the 3 program areas;

- ESO Manage (NGO Management and Fundraising)

- ESO Protect (Research and Conservation)

- ESO Advocate (Education and Community Outreach)

On consultation with ESO management, the second (and subsequent) year(s) allows the employee(s) to select a specific role within the organisation (for example, research and conservation, community outreach, fundraising), allowing for more tailored, specialized training and development opportunities.

ESO has successfully trained 13 young Omanis over the last 10 years, some of whom are still with ESO and some who have gone on to work in the public or private sector as environmental advisors. Many of these graduates are very active members and volunteers of ESO and continue to be environmental ambassadors for Oman.

ESO are grateful to their existing Conservation Training Partners but continue to seek more support in this area both to sustain and expand this successful program. Please contact Olivia Dalziel (olivia.dalziel@eso.org.om) if you are interested in supporting this or any other of our other capacity building initiatives.