Water accounts for over half of the human body weight, covers 70 % of our planet, filling our rivers and lakes, covering our mountains in snow. We drink it, swim in it, sail upon it, draw power from it and use it to grow food…water is life.

Oman's renewable water resources are limited by the lack of rainfall. Fossil supplies, such as that at Saih Masarrat, have taken millions of years to form and are not recharged by rainfall to any significant degree. Thus their availability is limited in the same way as oil and gas reserves.

However, it is now acknowledged by global authorities that in fact the real reason behind any kind of scarcity, global or local, is more down to mismanagement than an actual lack of resources. The developed world especially wastes enourmous amounts of water every day.

We have the ability to implement good water management practices on an individual and national level to safeguard this most precious of resources.

Bima Sink Hole, Lake Dibab Park
© A Thacker