Women's Environmental Education & Empowerment
  Aim To raise Omani women's awareness of environmental issues and empower them to identify local environmental problems, To promote Omani women's participation in the environmental decision-making process
  Date 2010 to date
  Location Muscat, Salalah, Nizwa, Sur, Sohar, Ibri, Yanqul, Khasab
Prepare and deliver talks on environmental education in collaboration with the Omani Women's Associations in the regions, promoting discussions and the opportunity to share.
Groups of women in 4 regions in Oman to receive training in communication skills.
Teams of women in 4 regions in Oman to write short essays identifying local environmental problems and specifying actions t be taken by individuals as well as government institutions to address these problems.
Essays to be reviewed and one of the best essay from each region to be chosen.
The winners from each region to share the subject with their Shura Council representative to be discussed at the Shura Councel level.
The winning team in each region to visit a nearby town to encourage the members of the neighbouring community to promote environmental awareness.
Materialisation of the suggested mitigation measures and potential solutions put forward in the research


  Project Sponsors
Petroleum Development of Oman
Petroleum Development of Oman
  Project Partners
Oman Women's  Association
Oman Women's Association


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