Native Tree Planting
  Aim Plant native trees in Dhofar and raise awareness of their importance
  Date 2012 - ongoing
  Location Dhofar

This project aims not only to plant native trees, but to engage volunteers and raise awareness of the importance of planting native trees. The campaign focused on the Dhofar region, which is home to more than 800 of the 1200 native Omani plant species and faces desertification, overgrazing, and invasion of alien plant species. Through this campaign, ESO has built long-standing relationships with the local community, officials, volunteers, schools, universities and colleges. The campaign took place over three phases, the final one being the design of an educational booklet and awareness campaign specifically targeting school students in Dhofar.

ESO has planted over 7000 native trees in the Dhofar region since 2012

Plant native trees in Dhofar
Engage volunteers in planting process
Raise awareness in communities about the importance of native trees
Establish relationships with government stakeholders to begin planting only native trees in municipal areas


  Project Partners
Nama Group
Nama Group