Capacity Building Program
  Aim Capacity Building for Omanis in the Field of Environmental Conservation
  Date 2012 onwards

ESO has been steadily growing over the last twelve years and it remains our goal to train Omanis in the field of environmental conservation.

In 2011 we found ourselves faced with a major restructuring of staff in order to keep up with the growing responsibilities and projects that ESO has and wants to continue taking on.

It was agreed by the ESO Board that a central part of ESO’s mandate would be to train Omani graduates in conservation strategies and NGO and community involvement before joining Oman’s workforce and give them an opportunity to pursue a career with ESO.

However, there was a shortfall in funding between the administrative costs that are brought in from project funding, and the running costs of the Society.

We are currently looking for a new Capacity Building Partner in 2016 in order to help cover this short fall of funding, allowing the Society in turn to successfully increase all project capabilities, increase community outreach programs, increase volunteer involvement and start an Omani Training Program in the field of environmental conservation.

Since 2012, ESO has speedily been making progress in the area of capacity building. In 2013 ten Omanis were hired and trained, giving ESO the much-needed support and administrative assistance it requires, in order to further plans for an increased number of research, community outreach and education projects in Oman. In addition, the funds have enabled ESO to reach out more effectively and engage with the public, as well as the various official bodies.

In 2014 seven Omanis were included in the Capacity Building Program and 2015 saw eight Omanis in the program.

ESO is grateful to Oman LNG LLC for their previous support in this program. It is only with the help of corporate partners that we are able to continue this important work.