The Sultanate of Oman is blessed to have a wealth of environmental resources be it on the mountains, desert dunes, valleys or at sea with a vast diversity of species many of which are considered endemic or endangered. The Sultanate is also rapidly developing and diversifying its economy. Considering that human health as well as the health of our ecosystems is inextricably inter-related pushing forward the agenda of sustainable development and promoting solutions for environmental issues is imperative. The youth are a resource that should be harnessed and inspired to tackle environmental issues faced by the Sultanate and come up with innovative solutions.

Green Innovation ECO-THON

In cooperation with Nama Group, ESO launched the Green Innovation ECO-THON where
over 100 college and university students will work on 3 pre-defined themes over a 3 day
period to come up with applications, software and projects using any platform, framework,
language, or hardware device and configure it to come up with sustainable solutions.
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Nama Group